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We focus on the impact of starting a business, capturing investor interest and money, and how to lead a business to success so that young entrepreneurs can be inspired to follow in or be guided by your footsteps. Our goal is to inspire the next generation leaders to be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow and make a change and impact in our world. We want you to get a taste of entrepreneurship and an idea of its endless possibilities and opportunities.


January Event 2021

An opportunity for young entrepreneurs

Event Details

Location: Zoom

Date: January 23, 2021

Time: 1:00 pm -

3:00 pm pdt

How to get entrepreneurship experience: 1:35pm - 1:50pm

Naeem Zafar will be teaching how young entrepreneurs should focus their mindset and the attitude they must build up in the real world. Helping young entrepreneurs for years now, Naeem is not only experienced in business but also in the educational field. From the initial idea to the execution, having a creative/entrepreneurial mindset is crucial for any business.

Naeem Zafar

CoFounder/CEO at TeleSense, Professor at UC Berkeley

Linkedin: Naeem Zafar

How to Create Your Online Brand 1:50pm - 2:20pm

Growing a strong social base on several platforms, Nikhil is a passionate engineer who just so happens to be a YouTuber. With his growth over the years, he has gotten a feel for these large social media platforms and understands how you can tune them to your advantage. From creating unique content to building your base over time, Nikhil will be showing us all the tricks he has learned over the years.

Nikhil Reddy

Software Engineer at Anduril, YouTube channel with 32k subscribers

Linkedin: Nikhil Reddy

Overcoming Challenges Facing Young Entrepreneurs 2:20pm - 2:50pm

Aditi Bagepalli

Sachin Gupta

Sharon Marzouk

Freshman at Leavey School of Business

Startup founder in the Silicon Valley

CEO of Techy Kids, Executive Director at WizBots

Linkedin: Aditi Bagepalli

Linkedin: Sharon Marzouk

Linkedin: Sachin Gupta

With the competition in the business field, it is extremely easy for young entrepreneurs to be discouraged and withdraw from their entrepreneurial goals. Aditi, Sharon, Sachin, and Jaqueline will talk about the challenges you will face and how you can play them to your advantage.

Zoom testing: 12:55pm - 1pm

A time for all participants to get settled and make sure they have no technical difficulties.

Introduction: 1pm - 1:05pm

Opening remarks and an overview of event. 

Building an Entrepreneurial Spirit: 1:05pm - 1:20pm

Amitabh Seth

Amit Seth will be walking you through the journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur. From the obstacles, you will face and the change in mindset required to become a strong entrepreneur, Amit will walk young entrepreneurs with all they can do to set themselves apart in the future. With his over 25 years in the technological/business aspects of the Silicon Valley, he will teach you all the most important things he has learned in the past.

Product Leader, Director at Amazon

Linkedin: Amitabh Seth

Forming a Buisness Idea: 1:20pm - 1:35pm

Working with dozens of companies in Silicon Valley as a Venture Capitalist, Nikhil Basu Travedi has lived around innovation for a large portion of his life. He has worked with several innovative ideas and has helped formulate business plans. With his help, you will be able to differentiate executable and innovative ideas from others.

Nikhil Basu Travedi

Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist

Closing: 2:50pm - 3:00pm

A preview of all of our upcoming events and thoughts to close off the event.

Meet the Volunteers
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Shailee Nanavati
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Omansh Bainsla
Milan Mohamed
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Tiya Sharma
Suraj Pangal
Vishal Yathish
Manasi Navalgundkar
Meghna Paul
Aditya Jain
Rohan Agarwal
Arnav Soni
Manish Mothi
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Linkedin: Manish Mothi
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Aarnav Bhat
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